Protect apps with Rhythm of your taps

AppLock Zilla is the only app locker to offer 7 different types of locks

  • Passcode Lock

    Secure all your apps with a number based passcode

    Pattern Lock

    Protect all your apps by forming a pattern password

    Gesture Lock

    Secure all your apps by saving a gesture password

    Time Pin

    Use the current time or customize it as your app password

  • Locks in AppLock Zilla – Numeric Lock|Pattern Lock|Gesture Lock|Time Pin|Tap Lock|Rhythm Lock|Calculator Lock
  • Tap Lock

    Protect all your apps by forming a screen area based tap lock

    Rhythm Lock

    Form a sequence based rhythm to lock all your apps

    Calculator Lock

    Disguise AppLock Zilla as Calculator to protect your apps

  • Instinctive Rhythmic Protection|Rhythmic Lock
  • Instinctive Rhythmic Protection

    With the Rhythm Lock, Secure your favorite apps by setting the number of tap sequences and their duration as well.

    It is based on how long you press the screen and how many times you do it. This creates a Rhythm sequence which secures your apps.

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  • Tap Based Protection
  • Tap Based Protection

    Secure your phone by creating a Tap based pattern to protect all your apps.

    By pressing on different corners various times, you can form a tap pattern which is secure and undetectable.

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  • Time Pin Protection
  • Time Pin Protection

    Time Pin secures your apps with an ever-changing Time based lock. Customize the Time Pin to make it even more secure.

    For Example if the time is 9:25, your passcode would be 0925.

    If the reverse Time Pin is selected, your passcode would be 5290.

    If you choose Advanced time pin and change it to +5, your passcode would be 5 minutes ahead i.e. 0930.

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  • Calculator Protection|Calculator Lock
  • Calculator Protection

    The Calculator Lock disguises AppLock Zilla screen into a simple calculator. This makes the password hard to figure out by anyone but you.

    For example your password is 20, the app will accept the password even if you enter 10+10, 30-10 or even 2x5. If the final answer is your password, the Calculator Lock of AppLock Zilla will accept it.

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  • Individual Locks
  • Individual Locks

    Forget about using a single password for all your Apps. Individual Locks feature enables you to secure every app with a different password.

    With Individual password, set a different password and different type of lock for any of your apps.

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  • Remote Control Lock
  • Wireless Remote Protection

    No matter how far you are from your phone, with remote protection you can lock or unlock your apps from anywhere.

    By sending an SMS of the preconfigured lock/unlock keyword to your phone, you can lock/unlock your apps remotely.

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  • Time/Location Based Protection
  • Time/Location Based Protection

    Time Profiling helps you set the time and day when your grouped apps are protected.

    Location Profiling Locks your grouped apps automatically when you connect to the saved Wi-Fi Location.

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  • Security With Media Vault
  • Security With Media Vault

    Media Vault protects all your Personal photos and videos in a single place. Don't bother selecting single files, with AppLock Zilla you can lock complete folders.

    With the Media Vault of AppLock Zilla all your personal pictures, videos and documents are safe and secure.

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  • Elegantly Beautiful Themes
  • Elegantly Beautiful Themes

    AppLock Zilla provides different themes to choose from, absolutely free

    iOS 7, Android L, Windows 8 and iOS 8

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  • Toggle Based Protection
  • Toggle Based Protection

    Control the access to your phone's Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Mobile Data with Toggle Protection; secure your phone's connectivity.

    With Toggle Protection, you can make sure that no one enables your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Mobile Data without access.

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  • Third-Eye Protection
  • Third-Eye Protection

    Integrated Third Eye feature of the AppLock Zilla secures your phone from unauthorized access and gives you knowledge of who has been snooping around in your phone.

    Intruder's image is captured by the front and rear camera when a pass code is entered wrong a specific number of times.

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FAQs for AppLock Zilla

How to reset my AppLock Zilla password?

You can reset the password in two ways:

1. Email Authentication

  • You will be asked to enter an Email address, when you do that a numeric code will be sent to you on your mail.

  • Once you enter the code, Set Password screen will appear.

  • You can set the new password there.

  • Click on the save button.

2. Question and Answer

  • You will be asked a predefined question that was set by you earlier and will be asked to give its predefined answer.

  • If the answer is correct, Set Password screen will appear.

  • You can set the new password there.

  • Click on the save button.

How to lock apps using AppLock Zilla?

  • Go to the Applications, you will see a list of apps under two categories- recommended and general.

  • Icons for Fake Dialog Box and lock appear in front of all the apps.

  • Tap on the lock button to choose the apps for locking. Once all the apps are selected tap on the On/OFF toggle button on the top right corner. When no apps are selected it will show OFF text with red color and when apps are selected it will show ON text with Green color.

  • Tap on the Fake Dialog Box icon so that a fake dialog box appears every time when unauthorized person tries to open the app.

What is a Fake Dialog Box and how does it work?

  • A Fake Dialog Box opens when a person tries to open the applications locked by AppLock Zilla.

  • If the person is unauthorized he will read the displayed message and press the OK button. Pressing the button brings you back to the main menu.

  • If the person is the authorized user he will long press the OK button. Pressing the button for long time displays the password screen to the user.

What are App Groups?

  • Groups help us to keep similar kind of apps together under one name so that you can lock all the apps just by locking the Group.

How can I create a App Group?

  • Tap on the '+' sign on the top right corner of the screen. Choose the applications you want to group and tap on the tick button.

  • Now enter the name of the group and tap on the OK button to form the new group.

  • Group name with number of applications will be shown.

What is a Lock Profile?

  • Profile helps you to set protection according to your convenience based on time and location.

How to create a Lock Profile and lock the Application?

  • Tap on the '+' sign on the top right corner of the screen.

  • Enter the Profile Name, Profile type i.e Time Based and Location Based.

  • In Time Based select the start and end time and in Location Based select the Wifi Hotspot location.

  • In Active Days select the days of week like EVERYDAY, WEEKDAYS, WEEKENDS AND CUSTOM.

  • Select the Profile Objective and tap on the NEXT button.

  • Tap on the arrow in front of the Choose group to select the group and tap the row in front of the Add more Application to add any other Application to the profile to lock.

  • Tap on the NEXT button and tap on the Confirm button to confirm the profile.

What is the use of Media Vault?

  • You can hide your photos and videos using the Media Vault.

  • Tap on the Photos and tap on Add Photos icon to select photos.

  • Long press on the photos enables the selection mode.

  • Tap on the lock icon on the top right corner to lock photos. Selected photos will be moved to the AppLock Zilla.

  • Long press on the videos enables the selection mode.

  • Tap on the lock icon on the top right corner to lock videos. Selected videos will be moved to the AppLock Zilla.

  • All the videos and photos will appear in the same directory format as it appears in the Gallery.

How can I unlock the locked photos and videos from Media Vault?

  • Long press on the photos and videos enables the selection mode.

  • You can then select the photos and videos that you need to unlock.

  • Tap on the tick icon on the top left corner to select them.

  • Tap on the unlock icon on the top right corner to unlock them.

What is Random Keyboard?

  • Random Keyboard helps you to hide your password by rearranging the number and letters of the keyboard.

What is Tap Lock ?

  • Tap Lock locks the application by simple tap. In Tap Lock feature the whole screen is divided into four parts. You can lock and unlock your application by following the tap pattern that you want.

How does Tap Lock work?

In Tap Lock, the screen is divided into four parts.

  • To set the Tap Lock go to Settings and choose the Lock Type.

  • When you will select Tap, ‘Create Tap pattern’ will open up.

  • Set a Tap pattern of your choice and continue.

  • Confirm the pattern using ‘Confirm Tap Pattern’.

What is Rhythm Lock?

Rhythm lock locks you application based on the tap pattern. It works on the basis of the tap pattern set. It purely depends on the timing of each tap.

  • For example you need to set a rhythm time pattern consisting of three taps in which first tap consists of 2 sec, second tap consists of 3 sec and third tap consists of 1 sec then the required password will ask for three taps of 2, 3 and 1 sec respectively.

How does Rhythm Lock works?

Rhythm Lock works based on the rhythm patterns set according to time.

  • To set Rhythm Lock go to Settings and choose the Lock Type.

  • When you will select rhythm, ‘Please Enter Rhythm’ will open up.

  • Set a rhythm pattern of your choice based on tap and time pattern.

  • Confirm the pattern using ‘Confirm Rhythm’.

What is Time Pin?

  • Time Pin helps to set password based on the time of your smartphone. You can set mirror password by Reverse Time Pin method and can even customize your password by adding or subtracting minutes.

What is Normal and Reverse Time Pin?

  • By Normal Time Pin you can set the current time as the password for AppLock Zilla. If the current time is 13:34, then the password will be 1334.

  • By reverse Time Pin you can set mirror value of the current time as password. If the current time is 13:34, then the password is 4331.

How to set Advanced Time Pin?

  • You can set custom Time Pin by adding or subtracting minutes to the current time. If the current time is 13:34 and the added custom value is ‘2’, then the password will be 1336.

  • If the current time is 13:34 and the subtracted custom value is ‘4’, then the password will be 1330.

What is Calculator Lock?

  • Calculator lock is a lock which works by performing mathematical calculation.

How does Calculator Lock work?

  • To set Calculator Lock go to Settings and choose lock Type.

  • When you will select Calculator, a calculator screen will open.

  • Apply any mathematical calculation and tap on ‘Next’.

  • Confirm the calculation and tap on ‘OK’.

  • To open locked application you can enter the password directly or perform a mathematical calculation.

What is Remote Protection?

  • Remote Protection helps you to lock and unlock your apps remotely by sending SMS. This kind of lock works when your phone is away from you and you intend to lock or unlock your apps.

How can you lock and unlock your apps using Remote Protection?

  • You can lock or unlock your apps by sending the lock or unlock keyword to your phone from any other phone. You need to specify different keyword for locking and unlocking your apps.

What is Individual Locks feature?

  • With the help of Multiple Password, you can set different password for different apps. You can set a single password to a group too.

How does Individual app password work?

  • Click on ‘+’ to choose a group and the type of the lock you want to set. You can also choose the applications you want, individually apart from the group.

What is Toggle Protection?

  • You can use the Toggle Protection to lock wireless services.

  • You can enable / disable Toggle Protection for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Mobile data by tapping on the ON/OFF toggle button.

How does Third Eye feature work?

  • If someone tries to unlock the apps locked by AppLock Zilla for the chosen number of times, then Third Eye will take picture of the person using its front and back cameras along with details like the name of the application, date and time of the wrong password attempt along with the number of tried passwords. You can also get details of the wrong password attempts on your mail enabling the feature. You can set the count of wrong password attempts.

  • You can enable/ disable Third Eye feature from Settings.

How does Advance Protection work?

  • Once you enable the Advance protection you cannot stop or uninstall the AppLock Zilla. It improves the overall security of your apps.

Can I hide the AppLock Zilla?

  • Yes you can hide the AppLock Zilla. Go to the Hide AppLock Zilla and tap on the Toggle button to yes to hide it.

Once if I hide my AppLock Zilla, how will I be able to open it?

You can open the AppLock Zilla in two ways:

1. Dial pad

  • Enter *#*#123123#*#* on your dial pad and tap the call button to open the AppLock Zilla.

2. Browser

When you enter in the address bar, you will see a 'start' button.

  • When you click on the button a dialog box opens.

  • It shows the names of different browsers available along with the icon and name of our AppLock Zilla.

  • Click on the icon and name of our app locker to open it.